10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como is a 'unique combination of fashion, art, music and design'. Corso Como is an example of an innovative, compelling, creative and modern store layout. Eye-catching displays, interesting decor, and a modern/futuristic appearance. Selling products such as music, high fashion, home ware, accessories, and jewelry from up-market, stylish brands. With it's own bookstore, cafe and small hotel, it is definitely the most inspiring store that I have visited. Maybe too expensive for students however...



I visited Milan as part of my Negotiated Studies project. I carried out research on side street shops for a shopping guide which I'm going to create - 'off the beaten track' will be a guide that takes the reader away from the typical tourist trail to gain inspiration and discover a 'different' Milan.
My research led me off onto various pathways, down roads which I may not have walked down if it wasn't for my research, and I came across various interesting independent little boutiques, and markets stalls- not necessarily fashion related. They contained objects that were nice to look at or functional and were very inspiring. This taught me that anything you stumble across can be used for inspiration no matter what it is, if you like it use it.


I attended a lecture with John Noi, the editor of Spektacle magazine. His unique selling point was QR codes. QR codes are the latest technology in gaining information, only usable if the reader owns a Kaywa supported mobile phone, mainly found in iPhones and Blackberrys. They're used by 'snapping' the codes- which means scanning the code using the phone's integrated camera, this then automatically connects to the internet on the phone and links the reader up to further information. It's innovative, and a quick source to information. This idea has turned a magazine into an interactive magazine. Readers have the opportunity to gain further information quickly, literally within the touch of a button. What inspired me about the lecture was that John Noi has created a magazine that has a USP that can not be found in any other magazine, and he has cleverly continued a concept throughout the magazine within the images that are used and also the lexicon that is used. It made me realise how important unique selling points are, what makes my product better? http://www.spektacle.com -for a free PDF download of Spektacle.