Drawing Processes

Learning to draw again after having a whole summer off is pretty difficult. My ability to draw is lost very easily if I don't practice all the time, but when I do practice all the time, I produce drawings that I didn't know I was capable of!
Our first project at university was figure drawing. These illustrations were drawn using pen, gouache and chalk pastels.



My Art Foundation Final Major Project was a three-piece menswear collection influenced by graffiti art and urban streets. I produced three jersey hoodies all with surface decoration: using screen printing, top stitch, reverse applique and fabric manipulation.
Along with this I created two research sketchbooks, a digital illustration for each garment, and a series of five photographs as part of a photoshoot, receiving a Merit.

White Sheet Illustrations

Inspired by the work of artist Julie Verhoeven, I re-created one of her illustrations by incorporating my unconventional garment into it.
I love Verhoeven's use of colour, outline and how the brush strokes are so loose and free.  

White Sheet Project

The White Sheet Project was created during my Art Foundation year. The aim was to create an 'unconventional garment' made from white bed sheets. I focused on the british art movement and art nouveau for inspiration whilst I was designing.
We did a few simple photoshoots to capture our garments. I had recently been given a Nikon D40 as a birthday present, so I brought it along and captured this image.  


Printing Patterns

This is a paper dress that was inspired by 1960's paper dresses and the Pop Art movement, focusing on the work of Andy Warhol.
I initially used household items and products, such as food packaging, to work with. Paying specific attention to shapes and lines- logos and graphics on the packaging, I re-worked and screen printed the Butterkist popcorn heart logo.
I played around with possible repetition and various patterns, creating a bold and bright 60's paper dress, Pop Art style.