I have decided to create an action plan of my life for the next few months as working in retail is.. to be honest.. slowly killing me!
Thoughts for the future are:

a) move out/away from the parentals as they give me a headache
b) apply for as many fashion internships/work experience/jobs as physically possible (making sure only to apply for something I
actually want to do)
c) ..and in between, create small projects for the portfolio and make as impressive as possible!


an awesome job, happy life, and fun times.


merry christmas everyone

my cheeky little christmas card.



words and image by myself


John Lewis Advert

Ellie Goulding 'Your Song' (Elton John cover) and John Lewis Christmas Advert 2010.

These videos make me feel all warm and toasty inside. Bring on December.



So I did some work experience with Bristol and Bath's Venue magazine. This was mainly processing images, article and page layout, and designing adverts. They asked me to create some advertisements fillers.. taking inspiration from 'Enjoy your week' /days of the week I created a little pants illustration on Illustrator. Printed in issues of Venue now.



7 days of Kate

Flagship Topshop stores Oxford Circus and Broadway & Broome have re-created Kate Moss' bedroom as a window display, matching the interior, furniture and garments. Each day leading up to the release of her new 'collection', something in the window changes.

Although I am very against how easy it is for celebrities to become so called 'fashion designers', I love this VM/installation idea.


Cinematography & Augmented Reality

Flying Lotus 'Camel' song/video. Experimental/Hip hop Californian Film maker, inspired by retro Nintendo games and noises - he has combined awesome cinematography and experimental sounds.

'Cosmogramma Fieldlines' Augmented Reality- using an illustrative animation of the Universe and his composed music of string instruments, with body movements or the movement of your mouse, you can make the planets move as well as create the music.



'I have PSD' cute Photoshop inspired stop motion. If only this actually worked in real life!


Polaroid Fashion

The 'Objets trouves' scarf collection. A collaboration project between Philippe Roucuo and M.Cherie. 100% silk with polaroid print. Limited edition.

I want!


if i was a photographer.. i would take photos like this. random.

Charlie Engman + UO

Men and flowers




I had to go watch this film seeing that at least once a day I find myself on Facebook checking what's happening in the world of social networking. Pretty good film.. worth watching. It's basically a story of the creation of an extremely addictive website! A true story is always more interesting to watch- and I actually appreciate Facebook now.

(online concession discovered whilst browsing through Topshop.com)
...I'm loving the whole tapestry, brocade nature style. Busy traditional English patterns of florals and animals in warm and rich colours. The consumer is feminine, relaxed and adventurous. Even though the brand is Australian, their style depicts an English eccentricity, woodlands, and a manor house aura.


Wool Week

This week is the first ever National Wool Week. The cost of wool has dropped over the past decade, and to raise awareness of the problem organisers placed a country farm into the centre of Saville Row. Selfridges dyed a flock of sheep their signature yellow, and Liberty celebrated with in store events, a dedicated window display, and a flock of willow sheep.

Wool week is the launch of The Campaign for Wool, a five year initiative backed by The Prince of Wales, Charlie!

...I'm tempted to knit myself a big chunky knit scarf for winter.


Knitted Lampshades - Debonnaire
P.E kit - Tom Scott
Bob restored 1960's egg chair - Melanie Porter
Chunky Knit - Giles Deacon A/W 07


love love love



Portfolio work...

So, whilst I am currently working as a furnishing fabrics fabric cutter at Jonny Lewis to help me clear my university debts.. I have decided to do a tad more work for my portfolio. This is the first finished page of a trend magazine supplement, focusing and building on my fashion illustration.



214 - Topshop Zine issue 1 A/W on it's way soon.. I am subscribed up and waiting patiently. I still get excited when ASOS mag pops through my letterbox.. another one to join the list.
You can read it online, however I will never prefer online compared to nice paper and ink that you can keep on your bookshelf.


The Shoe Galleries

The world's largest shoe department is currently open in Selfridges department store, Oxford Street.
Designed by architect Jamie Forbert, 300 days to construct, 4,000 shoes, and 150 brands.. it's quite impressive. Although I could only dream about owning most of these shoes, we grabbed a shoe each and showed off our best poses in The Shoe Galleries photobooth!

The superhero themed campaign 'What's Your Shoe Story' was shot by photographer Bruce Weber.




coco de mer

A couple of Coco de mer's online products.. :

I like but i don't think i would ever wear Julia deVille's bird wing brooch - £1,570.
I want Outlandish Creations 'Tits n Arse' teacup and saucer - £45.


ASOS Ad Campaign

ASOS Model's Own Autumn/Winter 2010 Advertising Campaign shot by Todd Selby.

I love.




so.. my cat is currently sat on my lap, fast asleep and purring away... and I feel too sorry for her to move and wake her up. Is this what my life has become?! A bed for my cat??


I Will Live Abroad part 3

Crabs, Fog, A Big Bridge, Alcatraz, Boats, Piers, Steep Hills, Victorian Homes, Beaches, Parks, Culture.. I could live here.

I Will Live Abroad part 2

Vegas is awesome! free drinks, neon lights, hot sunshine, ultimate tackiness, free entertainment, a fake Eiffel Tower. All Vegas needs now is a British themed Hotel and Casino with London Bridge and red phoneboxes. Love it.