Film Film Film Film

Saville Row have collaborated with artist Quentin Jones to produce an animated film to accompany their S/S 10 collection.

The collection was inspired by a set of photographs taken back in 1930s of the The Duke of Windsor on holiday in Majorca. E.Tautz has given the collection a sense of humour- part of the concept is English men enjoying themselves in the Mediterranean.
The film communicates the quirky English eccentricity of the collection, and was showcased in the Saville Row offices along with
tea and cakes offered to the guests.

By creating a film to accompany a collection, it helps potential buyers and customers understand the concept of the collection and not just understand the 'image' of collection, but the mood of it too. Music and moving imagery can help 'set the scene' and make a collection much more than a collection, but a character with history and meaning.

Creativity and Commerce

Peter Jensen has collaborated with Tim Walker to create a unique installation for his Autumn/Winter 09 collection, to be showcased at Dover Street Market. The installation was inspired by Peter Jensen's journey to Greenland, where he travelled to carry out research for his collection.

Jensen's capsule range, consisting of beaded knitwear, panelled woollen dresses and faux-fur legginns, is exclusive to Dover Street Market and will be placed within the installation among the 'army of penguins'.

"Working with my friends at Dover Street Market, and with Tim has been a fantastic opportunity to bring creativity and commerce together in an interesting and unique way."


Patchwork Pillow

Since my nan taught me how to knit (a while back now!) I hadn't really put my new craft to use. So, I decided to knit a few squares and sew a patchwork pillow out some old fabrics I had lying around. Inner cushion £1 from Wilkos, you can't go wrong.


A Wild Squirrel

Excuse the randomosity of this post. I took my squirrel outside one day.. and then took this photo.


I heart Fleet Foxes

Mykonos from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

Mykonos making of from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

I was at Bestival, Isle of Wight at the weekend and was lucky enough to be front row (hardcore fan) at the Fleet Foxes set on the main stage. I loved it. Their music gives me a warm feeling like no other music, Fleet Foxes are like a Sunday afternoon, an unwinding ambience of soft harmonistic vocals and sounds. It makes me feel like drinking a mug of hot chocolate and unwind in front of wood fire, wrapped in a woollen blanket.

Their video for my favourite song Mykonos is an interesting inspiring piece of animation from a company called Grandchildren. It's a simple collaboration of paper and music forming an animated story. Geometric shapes of pallid colours imitating creatures within a forest and other mystical happenings.


Banksy vs Bristol Art Musuem

Definitely worth the 4 hour queue.
Banksy's art does provoke controversy, but he only says, in art form, what every one thinks. He has a playful, and in some ways immature approach within his artwork- a bong filled with cannibis placed amongst ornamental antique vases, and a vintage gypsy caravan with 'eviction notice' planted on the door.
The concept of the art exhibition was graffiti, vandalism of the art museum, regular displays that had been 'altered' and tampered with: a display of the formation of icicles but with a model of a penis mimicking an icicle, a pleasant landscape painting invaded by aliens. After wandering through the museum, his artwork becomes irregular and inconstant, it seems to blend in and you have to search for it amongst the authentic art pieces.

Many of Banksy's work was most probably missed by most people, thinking that there was no more to the exhibition, I was almost one of them!
I did find it shocking however, during the 4 hours of queue people-watching, to see 2 little old ladies barely un-able to stand, various little children, mums tagging along with their teenagers, and plenty of old men, what seemed to be the type to look down upon graffiti as a "disgusting act of vandalism". Banksy definitely has the most varied fan base I have ever seen.