MPP Final Images

Photography: Hannah Hawkins
Styling: Hannah Hawkins & Craig Watkins
Model: Alex Bomok

Inspired by medical human diagrams.

MPP Format + Layout

Layout, format and position of sale of The Fashion Pharmacy look book.


Company Illustration

An illustration of Company editor Victoria White, for a competition to win freelance work experience with them. I used a mixed media of gouache, pastel, ink and pencil. Freelance illustration is a job that I had never really thought about, maybe it's because the thought of doing my own taxes does not appeal, but I shall consider after this. 


Happy Pills

My housemate recently went travelling around Europe and told me about a shop she came across. Happy Pills is a 'pharmacy' concept sweet shop. They use signature fluorescent pink cross logo and lower case type. The idea is that customers pick 'n' mix their sweets and place them inside clear glass medicine bottles.
It has recognized that sweets are fun and sugar makes you feel good/better, and linked it with medicine and pills.




Fabric + Type

Just a play around with cut out type in floral cotton fabric. I photographed each letter separately on my wooden floor then placed them together in Photoshop. I like the contrast in lighting and markings of the wood on the flooring.

Project Visuals

Here are a series of ideas of different ways I could communicate clothing for my look book, using a 'Pharmacy/Medical' concept. All three ideas clearly depict the clothing in a fun yet informational way.
The top image would be created using a photographic image (a styled model) and the bottom image is cut out photographs of clothing placed inside a medicine bottle.


Look Book

An inspiring look book from American clothing company, Insight. They have used a cut out/collage technique onto traditional painted landscapes. I like the mixture of art and photography- the real and impressionist.
In the second image I have played around with positive and negative space and cut-out clothing to help me develop within my project.