and it begins...

Breif: Re-work a garment or advertisement to depict our identity, using a choice of fabrics, a vintage garment and a personal object.
I re-worked an image within Prada's Spring/Summer 08 collection (inspired by Prada's short film 'Trembled Blossom').

I think the re-worked image works well and in some ways shows what I am about and what my work is about. As I only had a day to work on this I was rushing, if I were to do it again I would spend much longer on making the whole image more realistic, the clothing in particular. It is not the best I can do on photoshop, but I like it.


Trembled Blossom

Prada's Spring/Summer 08 collection. Trembled Blossom was created to introduce and capture the essence of the new collection at the time. Created by illustrator James Jean, and based on his wallpapers which he designed for Prada, he used inked drawings to depict a mystical floral forest in an Art Nouveau style. The inked drawings were used as a theme throughout the collection and within the photoshoot for the advertising campaign.

I have always argued that fashion is a form of art, and I love the use of art as a major inspiration within fashion. Prada's campaign works with illustration and combines James Jean's work in the designing of the collection through the contours of the fabric, colours and print.