Woodland Animals

I came over all british one day and decided to draw woodland animals out of boredom. Using pen and water I created these very fine line drawings of a fox, owl and squirrel. I want to develop on them one day but I'm not entirely sure what to do just yet.



For Part 1 of my Negotiated Studies project I created a pack of 20 postcards as an alternative 'out of the typical tourist trail' 2009 shopping guide for Milan. The concept of the guide is 'inspirational shops'. I researched shops in Milan that inspired me. I produced a guide that recommends shops/stalls/boutiques/events/galleries/markets that I discovered, and drew an illustration of a particular interesting and inspiring product or feature within each of the places.
The idea of the postcards is that readers can use the postcards as a guide but also contribute to the postcard by sending in illustrations of their inspirational places to be featured in the up and coming pack.