Design + Realisation

Part of a design and making project based on the concept of the fashion brand Junky Styling- renewing old clothing and recycling fabric to create something new.
I created a dress and a shortened kimono inspired by the Pop Art movement, focusing on the artist Roy Lichtenstein. I researched his artwork and drew up designs using the same lines, shapes and colours as he did, developing as I went along. I had to reflect his artwork through fashion and communicate it through colours and lines. This project improved my designing skills.


Personal Space = Personal Style

A study of how someone's personal space can express their fashion style and communicate their identity.
As part of my Developing Research project I gathered visual information of bedrooms to style and create a look inspired by each room, depicted by a fashion illustration.
I am intrigued by bedrooms: photos on the walls, books, objects. A bedroom is a description of the person it belongs to, using objects rather than words to describe.


Personal Space = Personal Style

A few illustrations for my Personal Space = Personal Style project. I based the illustrations on my friends but the clothing I drew them in are purely based on colours and mood of the bedrooms.
Illustrations are drawn using gouache, pastel and ink.


Dark Romanticism

This is a fashion shoot that I art directed, styled and photographed for my Image + Communication university project.
Using the words 'Dark Romanticism' I organised and directed this fashion photoshoot for a 5 page spread to be 'featured' in Vogue Magazine. I was really pleased with my results on this project. I love fashion photography, I hope to do a short course in the future.
The garments in the bottom image were designed and made by myself as part of my GCSE Textiles coursework.