Ornate Birds

For my friend's 21st birthday present she asked me for a drawing of Sparrows. Using black ink and water, I drew two Sparrows sat on the branch of a tree, and framed it in an ornate black 6x4 frame from Paperchase. I love it.. and may do one for myself.


Major Project Preparation

Focusing on brand image, communication and promotion, I have organised a live brief to design an Autumn/Winter 2009 look book for Bournemouth individual fashion boutique 'The Pharmacy'. A new store is opening mid November and I will be producing a look book to promote the store and the brands stocked within the store.
Paying attention to the target market, I will design a unique in-store booklet, incorporating aspects of the store's existing concept and develop on visuals to apply to the look book.


Liberty of London

I recently went for a shopping trip to London and noticed the exterior of the back of Liberty. I love it.. it reminds me of a doll house.