Lust Project

I have just discovered the company Lust Project whilst having a little read through my weekly Vice email newsletter.
Created by a dutch Anne-Margreet, (who actually once worked as a photographer for Vice magazine in NYC) she produces odd, unique and fun lifestyle items, including: ben linen, cushions, clothing, jewellery, and also works within interior design.

I love it.. I also love the website: http://www.lust-project.com  


NYC Drawings

The beginnings of my New York diary/blog that I have decided to create. I am going to incorporate illustration with photography, along with text- I will produce it within Indesign and hopefully get it printed as a book when I have the money to spare!


Quirky Furnishings

I was sheltering in Borders the other day to escape the rainy weather, and whilst browsing through interior magazines I came across a feature on textile designer Donna Wilson. I was attracted to her quirky light-hearted style, especially her cute bird cushions. Her work is playful and uncomplicated, created with a sense of humor and a large imagination.
She has inspired me to design furnishing fabrics and cushions with an exuberant and flippant approach and concept.



Florence + The Machine

The album artwork, produced for music artist Florence + The Machine's single 'Dog Days', reminds me of an English country village fete: jam, cakes, bunting, face painting, bouncy castles, petting zoo, competitions, coconut shy. It also reminded me of the woodland animal illustrations which I did.
Incorporating illustrations and photography can work well in some cases. I want to try and discover who produced this artwork and view their other work, it will be interesting to see what else the artist has done.