camilla akrans

Love this image. The exaggeration and illusion of the enhanced cigarette smoke looks awesome. a subtle use of props. http://www.lundlund.com/photographers/camilla-akrans


A/W 11

ASOS Sophie Hulme - Pidgeon Cardigan £60

Cantilever and Press - Wold Den Coat Rack

Whistles - Parrot Print Drape Pocket Dress £150


I thought i'd post a few slides from the presentation I created for my VM jobby. The brief was 'how would the Evans customer wear the latest trends'. Pages were created within Photoshop and then laid out within InDesign.
i love my new coat



As I was browsing Inside-Out - Topshop's Blog, I saw this post that's amazing to look at (http://insideout.topshop.com/) Overlapping old photographs with modern present day photographs. I am always intrigued by old photographs- I loved working with old family photographs for my Major Project. I even stumbled across a photograph of my Nan from the 1930-40's stood outside her house in Sicily, and compared it to a photograph my parents took recently.. which happened to be taken in the exact same spot.

All the photographs can be seen here: http://dornob.com/real-time-travel-15-fantastic-photographs-of-futures-past/
So, now i have a new job.. I need a cheap little run around car, a pimp new flat with the boyf.. and these:

I love you Urban Outfitters and Topshop


Update! I have a job.
Official Visual Merchandiser for Arcadia.


Interiors + Fashion

Mary Katranzou London Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2011

lampshade skirts, print, tassles, colour.