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Saville Row have collaborated with artist Quentin Jones to produce an animated film to accompany their S/S 10 collection.

The collection was inspired by a set of photographs taken back in 1930s of the The Duke of Windsor on holiday in Majorca. E.Tautz has given the collection a sense of humour- part of the concept is English men enjoying themselves in the Mediterranean.
The film communicates the quirky English eccentricity of the collection, and was showcased in the Saville Row offices along with
tea and cakes offered to the guests.

By creating a film to accompany a collection, it helps potential buyers and customers understand the concept of the collection and not just understand the 'image' of collection, but the mood of it too. Music and moving imagery can help 'set the scene' and make a collection much more than a collection, but a character with history and meaning.

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