I am employed!

As I have decided to spend my summer by the beach in Bournemouth, I realised I would need a little income to and found a part-time job at british tea merchants Whittard of Chelsea.
I work four hours a day, roughly three days a week, serving customers tea, coffee, biscuits, china and chocolate in my royal blue apron, which I have 'Hannahed up' with a striped blue and white bow.

Definition: 'Hannahed up'. Hannah is my name and to 'Hannah up' is to simply make something look more pretty by adding decoration or detail by any means necessary.

Since working at Whittard I have preferred drawing the teapots surrounding me, rather than focusing on customer service. More productively, I have been asked to do window displays and table top displays within store, which is obviously great POS experience and allows me to still be creative within my job.

Working with teapots, tea leaves and coffee beans is very different to my previous part-time job in John Lewis, womenswear, but it is still enjoyable.. to some extent. 

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